MiracleBox RSS This is MiracleBox RSS feed http://www.miraclebox.se/link.html New softwares New softwares to all of our models has been released. http://www.miraclebox.se/news/12/new-softwares.html 2014-06-08 Miraclebox Premium is released! The new Miraclebox Premium is finally released and all necessary information is available on our website. Dual Core CPU, Large memory, Twin tuner, free streaming App and first with T2! http://www.miraclebox.se/news/11/miraclebox-premium-is-released-.html 2013-04-22 Miraclebox Premium - First T2 We are the first one to release the open source (E2) receiver to support DVB-T2. Check out our demo video an see more. http://www.miraclebox.se/news/10/miraclebox-premium---first-t2.html 2013-04-04 New software - V2.11.30 There has been released a new software for Miraclebox 6, 6 Plus, 7 and 9 HD. A lot of bugfixes and updates. http://www.miraclebox.se/news/9/new-software---v2-11-30.html 2012-12-20 Miracle WiFi - Connect Wirelessly We have now released our Miracle WiFi USB-adapters. Connect your Miraclebox wireless easily. Also compatible with Dreambox and VU+. http://www.miraclebox.se/news/8/miracle-wifi---connect-wirelessly.html 2012-06-07 Updated Channellist Nordic Updated channellist for Miraclebox with the latest channels and frequencies from Canal Digital. http://www.miraclebox.se/news/7/updated-channellist-nordic.html 2012-06-01 Miraclebox comparison table Now you can easily compare our products with our comparision table. http://www.miraclebox.se/news/6/miraclebox-comparison-table.html 2012-03-12 Miraclebox on Facebook and Twitter Miraclebox is now available on both Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get all the latest news and updates. http://www.miraclebox.se/news/4/miraclebox-on-facebook-and-twitter.html 2011-10-26