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Miraclebox Premium Twin+
Twin+ is the latest Miraclebox with a dual core 1300 MHz CPU, up to three changeable tuners and slim design. Great price!

Weight: 2.00 kg
Availability: In stock 10-115S
EAN: 7350057990216

Recomended price: 261,- EUR

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Great speed, functions to an incredible price!

Available as satellite (2xS2) or cable/terrestrial (2xC/T2)!

The new Miraclebox Premium Twin+ is one of the fastest and best receivers Miraclebox Multimedia. We have strongly focused on providing a flexible and feature rich receiver with a simple and user-friendly interface. The software is based on open source Linux, the same as in Dreambox and VU+, to ensure maximum flexibility and stability.

The integrated processor is a dual core Broadcom CPU (2x1300 Mhz) and the memory entire 512MB to give you one of the fastest and most reliable receivers on the market. Store such as Picons (Program icons), Plugins and EPG information without worrying about space and browse channels faster than ever.

Miraclebox Premium Twin+ has two built-in (changeable) tuners for either S2 or C/T2 (depends on model) to record one channel while watching another. There is a third slot for another tuner if you need it. Just connect an internal, external or network hard drive to get the Timeshift and recording opportunities. You can record up to 7 channels simultaneously!

To get the maximum from your Miraclebox Premium, you are recommended to connect it to a network. Then you can easily share your recordings with other receivers or PC’s (via DLNA or FTP) or why not record directly to a network hard drive (NAS) instead of the one connected to you Miraclebox. Download Plugins, EPG data, use the web browser, web interface or download the latest updates and channel lists online - the possibilities are limitless.

A unique feature with Premium is that you can watch one channel on your TV while streaming another one to your computer, tablet or even smartphone - AirPlay. MB Live TV app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play. Read more about the app and all its features on

Twin+ is one of our best receiver with up to three tuners and a great price!

Double the speed!
Miraclebox Premium Twin+ is equipped with a dual core MIPSel (Broadcom) processor to provide you the best possible TV experience. Fast channel switching, fast management and quick menus are just some of the things you get with the new fast processor.

Large memory
The large DDR3 RAM and flash memory gives you a more reliable receiver. The fast and increased memory size allows the receiver to work with multiple things at once. It also means that for example EPG data, Plugins and much more can be stored internally without any problems.

Great Picture and Sound
Just as our Signum models we always put greatest focus on what is number one in your TV viewing - the best possible picture and sound. With an image resolution of up to 1080 and Dolby sound we guarantee you an amazing experience. Naturally, the receiver, has support for the latest 3D broadcasts.

Three changeable tuners
Premium Twin+ has two tuners made by Samsung to guarantee the best performance and quality. The tuners are changeable and you can easily switch between Satellite (S2) and our Hybrid tuners for cable and terrestrial (C/T2) - We are by the way the first to support T2 for Open Source receiver! You can also add a third tuner.

Linux OS - Open Source
All Premium receivers are based on open source Linux software for guaranteed stability and development of plugins and softwares. Miraclebox Premium is fully compatible and connectable with Dreambox and VU+ since the software is based on the same basis as in these models.

Network - Wired or Wireless
You can connect your Miraclebox to your network either with a network cable or the Miracle WiFi adapter. Connecting the receiver to a network is basically a must to get the most out of your Miraclebox. You can easily share recordings and movies at home, record directly to a network drive, download the EPG data, channel lists and updates online and much more. But probably the best thing is that you can stream it all! (Read more below)

AirPlay – Free App for iOS and Android
As the only company in the market, we offer a FREE app for both iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices. Stream live TV and recordings to your favorite smartphone or tablet. You will love this possibility! For all the features of the respective app please check

Web Interface
With the Web interface, you can easily access the most important functions of your Miraclebox Premium through your computer. Stream the channel you are watching, another one or why not the recordings and movies. In the web interface you also have access to recording functions, graphical EPG, virtual remote and much more!

Web Browser & HbbTV
Our Premium models are ready to use with the future of HbbTV. More and more channels around Europe supports HbbTV which means that a certain channel has multiple sub-channels that you can watch. The material is obtained via Internet and the TV viewing experience gets on a whole different meaning.
You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to surf on your Miraclebox Premium with the built-in web browser.

Easy Installation Guide
Another unique feature with this receiver is the Easy Installation Wizard. We are the first with Auto-configuration - your Miraclebox searches and finds your DiSEqC settings automatically (for Satellite). With our simple guide, you have configured the picture, your network settings and downloaded the latest updates and channel lists in just a couple of minutes!

2 card readers and 1 CI slot
Premium Twin+ has two built-in card readers and one CI module slot. Insert any card and get started with your viewing. If the receiver doesn’t support your operator card, you can always put the matching CI module and card to decode the channel.

Low power consumption
We are always keen to deliver a receiver that does not draw much power. There are two different standby modes - normal "Standby" and what we call the "Deep Standby". In the ordinary standby mode, it only takes a few seconds for the receiver to get started - but takes more power. In the deep standby mode your Miraclebox is shut down and consumes less than 1W of power.

Two years warranty
To give you as a customer protection and a good customer experience of your Miraclebox is always a key objective for us. That is also why we give you a two year warranty on our receivers in comparison with its competitors which only gives one year. With Miraclebox you will simply get a safe and good purchase! - Homepage | Frequent Questions (FAQ) | About Miraclebox | Contact us
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