How can I get my smartcard working in Miraclebox?
Your Miraclebox can handle a lot of smart cards from different operators. Below you can see which smart cards that are working and what you may need for CA module to get the picture on your Miraclebox.

Insert the card with the chip forward and downward in one of the slots on your Miraclebox.

Canal Digital - support directly into the internal card readers
Tele2 - Supported directly in the internal card readers
ComHem - Supported directly in the internal card readers
ComHem HD - Requires an approved CI + module from ComHem
Boxer - Requires an approved CA module from Boxer
Boxer HD - Requires an approved CI+ module from Boxer
Zappa (Cryptoguard) - Requires an approved Cryptoguard CA module
Viasat (also new cards) - Requires the installation of MultiCAS *
Viasat HD - Is not currently possible to decode

Note that you need to install a software with CI + support when using the receiver with an approved CI + module.

MultiCAS is a third-party plugin that we do not give any support on nor provide. It allows you to use all sorts of smart cards that are not supported normally.
Read more and download here.