Shall I choose software with or without CI+ support?
For some of our models, there are two software versions to choose from - with or without CI+ support. Below we have compared the two versions of which one to choose.

Without CI+
In general you should use softwares without CI+ support to take advantage of many of the "open" features with your Miraclebox. One of the main reasons why you should choose this version are:

Unencrypted recordings - copy to a computer, NAS or another Miraclebox and play without any problems
• Compatible with all plugins

The disadvantage of this software is that you can not decode HD channels that requires an approved CI+ module.

With CI+ support
You should use this software if you want to decode HD-channels that requires CI+ module (for example Boxer and Comhem). Note that you need an approved CI + module where you insert your smart card (with the chip facing upwards).

• Compatible with HD-channels that requires approved CI + module

The disadvantage in this release is that not all plugins works that do not meet CI+ requirements and that the recordings are encrypted and tied to the receiver itself.